Terry enhances our connect-ability and equips us to:

  • Sell change more effectively
  • Build a more loyal and productive team
  • Reduce conflict
  • Communicate better in diversity
  • Reduce stress and have more fun

Terry’s uniqueness is his ability to connect with audiences of all types and sizes, through empathy, authenticity, a great sense of humor, and plenty of practical take-away. He gently kicks audiences on the shin and reminds them that others have to like us before they want to follow us. His approach is practical and captivating!

Terry has been a people skills expert for over 25 years. He is the author of four leadership books and, for over a decade, wrote a monthly leadership column for the San Antonio Business Journal. His clients include the Social Security Administration, Guam Community College, the Texas Recreation and Parks Society, the international ATM Industry Association, GPM Life, the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (Europe), and UPS.

“I have heard Mr. Sumerlin speak twice now. I found his presentations to be thought-provoking, motivational, and done in a way that is relatable to anyone. As I looked around the room during these presentations, I saw others in the group nodding their heads in agreement and really grasping the messages. He took the time to ask exactly what we were looking to accomplish through the presentation. He asked the challenges our organization faces and tied key elements from our employees’ work into the discussion. I was truly impressed and pleased with the presentations Mr. Sumerlin shared with us.”Erica Figueroa, Manager, Social Security Administration

“Terry, I thought your presentation was excellent. I have heard many positive comments about our (60th anniversary) event, and your contribution was a big part of making it a success. Thanks for your help.”Robert E. Dawes, SES SAF/AG, The Auditor General, Air Force Audit Agency, The Pentagon, Washington, DC (2004-2008)

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